National Scrapbooking Day

It is National Scrapbooking Day today.  As of right now, I have not scrapbooked one page today.  Not to say I won't this evening, but I have not scrapbooked like I thought I would today.  Instead, I did something big; well, at least for me it is big - I created a social presence for this store.  Wow.  Talk about going into uncharted waters.  We are going to live, capture and remember this day!  

If you think about it, social media accounts have become our way of scrapbooking. We post our everyday moments, the great achievements, and everything in between.  Facebook has the "Memories" section which pops up what happened on this day since you have been on Facebook.  It is a great feature to remind us of what occurred, because let's be honest, we forgot.  It is great that we have the technology to share our lives with people around the world and not just within the walls of your home.  But I like to have a physical book to look at the memories and remember the days that have gone by.   

Many people see my scrapbooks and ohh and awe and state I could never to that.  Well guess what? Yes you can.  I am here to help you out.  If you have never scrapbooked but want to put your printed pictures on these pages, I will help you succeed.  When you purchase a scrapbook page from me, I am going to encourage you to reach out to me  and I will work with you to help you arrange the pictures.  Don't worry about being perfect - life is not perfect.  We are going to live each day, capture the memories and through the scrapbooking pages, we are going remember that day.  You will journal your memories (hopefully in your own handwriting) and give your own perspective.  

While we can do that on social media and with digital scrapbooks, but there is something to be said about putting the pages together and know you did that.  

I know it is not everyone's thing and that's ok.  My main purpose is that if you want to keep a scrapbook but do not know where to start, I am here for you. 

So now it is time for me to capture some memories and potentially put together a page or two to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day.  Follow me on Facebook (@live capture remember llc) and Instagram (live-capture-remember-llc).  This is a new journey.  Let's go live the best life possible - capture the moments - remember these days!