Memorial Day 2020

Today in the United States, we are celebrating Memorial Day. Many are taking the time to visit the final resting place of their loved ones; many are posting on social media a thank you to veterans and current service members; and many have the day off from work to enjoy BBQs and if able, time with family and friends. Memorial Day was declared an official holiday in 1971 but was unofficially celebrated following the Civil War and was known as Decoration Day.  It is also considered the start of the summer season (  

This year Memorial Day is occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic, so there around the country, there are various restrictions on celebrations and people are living in fear of catching the virus so their Memorial Day traditions are changing.  Traditions are going through a major upheaval in 2020.  While technology has enabled us to stay in touch with loved ones across the miles with video conferencing and social media, families are becoming closer due to the pandemic.  We are realizing how important individuals are to us.  

When have we felt this in the past?  One that I remember is 9/11; we were under attack and we did not know what was to occur in the upcoming days.  We made sure our loved ones were safe and spent time with family and friends because all of a sudden we knew it could end in a second.  We seem to be going through that again but will we go back to taking life for granted within a few years.  I hope now and I hope we can create habits now to make sure our family and friends know how special they are to us.

When service members are away at posts, care packages are sent to tell them they are loved and we are thinking about them.  We send care packages to college students and others to let them know we are thinking of them.  What if you took some time and sent a card with your words of how special this person is to you and sent it through the mail.  Think of the smile that will be when she or he opens the mailbox and your card is there for them to read. Remember when you would receive cards in the mail and how special you felt.  Pay it forward and start the habit of sending cards today.  I do hope you will take the time and look through the cards here and pick a few to send out.  Start a new tradition/habit with a card a week to someone who would love to hear from you.