Happy Mother's Day

Today in the United States, we celebrate our moms.  Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.  There are also those of us who have never been a mom so today is a little bittersweet but I am joyful to celebrate this day and honor my own mom who has passed on but still in my heart.  

When she passed two and a half years ago, I was struggling with how to share her life story.  I was pleasantly surprised when I found scrapbooks she had finished and I was able to share them with our loved ones at her celebration of life ceremony.  These pages she completed gives us her story in her words.  I will get the scrapbooks out and just look at the stories she left behind for us.  This is why I believe scrapbooks are so important.  They do not have to be fancy.  The goal is to tell the story to future generations.  It is truly a priceless gift.  While I can no longer speak with my mom and reflect on these stories, I can still look at them and hear her voice in my head telling me the story behind the photo with her own words on the page.

The photo I am sharing with you today is one of the pages she completed forher wedding day. The scrapbook page was a premade page (like the ones I am selling) and then she put the photos on it.  As you see the scrapbook pages for sale, I would ask you not to get worried about matching colors to pictures or if your photos will clash in some way or another.  The pictures and the stories will compliment the pages you purchase.  I will be sharing some more of my own pages which I did with premade pages and then just added the pictures.

As you celebrate today, capture the memories by taking pictures and journaling the story of today.  Then contact me and we can start documenting your story in a scrapbook.  I am here to serve you and future generations on telling the stories of your family and the memories.

Happy Mother's Day!  I am now off to look through my own mother's scrapbooks and reflect on our time together.