Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!  As you are reading this, you may be thinking it is too early to think of Halloween; but if you are making cards and sending out cards, you need to be prepared.  I am here with 6 “new” designs for 2020.

Each of these cards was inspired by posts on Pinterest.  I get most of my inspiration from there and will be trying each time to give credit where credit is due.  Each of these individuals is an artist that must have the credit deserved.  As I do not have exact materials plus also have my own individual thoughts, I have done my own twist to the inspiration but each card post will have the link to the original to give them the credit for their skills.

If you have not sent out Halloween cards before, ask yourself why not?  Halloween is a fun holiday each year that we get to dress up and make-believe we are someone else.  And when a card is received, no matter the holiday, think of the smiles.  Send a card to family members who live away or a friend that you may not speak to often.  What a way to give them a smile across the miles.  Or how about your own kids – write a special message in it for them to read over and over.  Start a new tradition in your own life of sending Halloween cards and expressing memories to be captured and remember year after year. 

So please go filter for Halloween cards and see the new line up to send to your favorite trick or treaters!

Have a great time spreading Halloween wishes!